Day 11 (Will)

“I’ll take the first watch,” I say to Austin. I doubt he hears me but he is probably so exhausted that I can’t blame him.

An hour later Vincent tells me that he will go on watch, I tell him that I’ll stay on watch all night. Over the last few days I’d gotten enough sleep that I felt like I could stay up all damn week. A gale of wind blows through my hair as I sit on the edge of the broken stairs. I swing my legs, it is very boring. The ghouls begin to collect around the elevated lake house. And I remember what it says in The Zombie Survival Guide about lake houses, and how they are your friend.

I decided to lay down on the extreme edge of the broken stair case, I pulled out my pistol. Dammit, if only I hadn’t cleaned it yesterday I could have had something to do. I pulled a blanket out of my backpack and draped it over my body, but I promised myself that I wouldn’t fall asleep . . . I did.

My eyes opened slowly, and the sun blinded me. I arose wearily, my pistol in my hand, and more, and more ghouls collecting along the bottom of the lake house, how in the Hell would we get out of here? “Hey, guys,” I say, “did you know about all the ghouls down there?”

“Yeah . . .”




“And what in the hell will we do about it?”

Austin stood up, while the others were either sitting somewhere on the on the furniture or on the floor, the he says: “We jump in the cold ass water.”

Now?” I reply.

“Sure, why the hell not? We need to get to San Antonio quickly, the survivor group may leave for Dallas before we get there. You guys up for it?” Unfortunately there is a chorus of agreement in response to Austin’s idea. “You up for it, Will?”

“Yeah,” and with that I turn around and walk out onto the deck. The others follow. I carefully stand up on the wooden railing, at the area I was going to jump into the water was at least sixty feet deep. I jump off of the railing, my body completely straight, feet first. When I hit the water it hurts, but only a little. I surface, my backpack practically buoyant, and the zombies catch sight of the others jumping in, they start shambling towards us. “Swim,” I say to them after they surface as well.

We swim for about five minutes when I feel a hand grasp my ankle, I fight it but the thing overpowers me and pulls me under the surface. Gasps among the crowd. As I am dragged down below the surface I remember the legend of this creek. They say that a woman drowned her kids here, and if you look over the water’s edge, she’ll drag you in, and you’ll drown too.

An ironic death, a good death, but I can think of thousands more that are better than this one . . .

I feel teeth sink into my leather boots, luckily it doesn’t tear through the teeth, however, are stuck. I pull out my crowbar and stab the thing in the head with the sharp end. I break the surface, gasping for air. “Are you okay?” Austin asks, I tell him that I’m fine, but the sun is not high in the sky, and the ghouls will be amassing soon. “I know they smell us,” I say to the group, and ghouls walk into the creek.”We need to get out of the water!”

We all scramble for the bank, I take out my .45, it was in a sealed plastic bag, and thankfully not wet. I hurriedly rip open the bag and start shooting the ghouls knowing that more will son come at this rate. Seven, seven bullets left. I shoot a ghoul about to grab at Vincent, its head explodes in the opposite direction of Vincent’s face, he gives me a nod of appreciation. I fire off another shot through the abdomen of a ghoul about ten feet away, he drops like a leaf, I got him in the spine. There was a wooded area just north of the bank, and an interstate south, we take the woods and travel east to San Antonio. I fired two shots at a ghoul trying to grab me, he is hit in the head and chest. Four. I fire the last four shots at ghouls blindly, killing two in the process.

I throw the pistol at a standing zombie, he is in a daze. A crowbar to his face puts him out of his misery, Austin the last couple of Z’s with his trench knives.

“We’ve worked up quite a sweat,” Taylor says.

“Yeah, at least now all the ghouls are over on the other side of the creek. Why don’t we keep moving?”


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