Z-Day Chapter 16 (Austin)

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When I came to, I was lying on my back on some soft blankets. I rolled over and jolted to a sitting position, pushing the blankets off my bare torso. Sitting there, stunned, was one of the girls we had rescued from the van. I noticed for the first time the dark circles and bruises on her cheeks and forehead, which made her look like a member of the living dead.

Now all the motion caused my head to start pounding maniaically, like a sadistic carnival worker in my head playing whack a mole with seven jackhammers. I grimaced and my vision swam and I nearly passed out again right there if the girl hadn’t pressed an ice cold cloth to my head and pushed me back down onto my back. Embarrassed, I pulled the blankets back over me and managed to mumble,


“Its no big deal. I should’ve figured you’d freak out when you woke up next to someone you didn’t recognize. I’m Nicole, by the way.” she said cheerfully.

“I’m Austin, nice to meet you.” I slurred, my head still foggy. “And it’s not the first time I’ve woken up next to someone I didn’t recognize.” The last part wasn’t entirely true, but hey, details, details.

“I was in nursing school before… this happened, so you can relax. I’m pretty sure you have a concussion but it is hard to tell without the proper equipment.” she said with blithe, and I couldn’t help to think that it was just part of her medical training.

“Did Will give that to you?” I said, gesturing to her shirt which was mine.

“No, the uh… other guy… Tall,with glasses?” she said, avoiding his obvious difference from the rest of us. “Its lucky you’re so skinny. It fits nice.”

I winced internally, not for the first time wishing I had worked out a little more during high school.

“What? Token Chocolate Monkey Boy?” I said, and lauged.

She seemed a bit taken aback by that, so I stopped laughing and Taylor, who overheard me, rewarded me with a look that said, “if you weren’t hurt already I would punch you in the face.”

“Taylor is his name,” I said to Nicole, who only nodded and stood up and walked away.

Way to go, dumbass. The first attractive girl in0 miles and you creep her out. You are such a inept idiot. I said to myself.

Soon I grew bored of laying there, so I stood up and studied our environment. We were in a small gas station, which was bare of any regular gas station items, like cigarettes for example. It’s funny how I noticed the cigarettes were gone before I noticed the food. Nicotine junkie. For now, though, it was a secure location to hide, for the gated windows and front door served as a barrier if the living dead became aware of our location.

During my investigation, I noticed Will and Jack were missing. I strode over to Taylor, who was sitting on the floor with brown haired young man with a goatee.

“Hey man, where did Will and Jack run off to?” I asked him, and added toward the direction of the young man, “Hey, I don’t think we’ve met yet. I’m Austin, the resident jackass.”

I held out my hand and he looked quizzical for a moment, as if trying to decide if I were serious or not. I was. He shook my hand and replied,

“Michael’s the name and killin’ stuff is the game. Nice to meet you.”  he said with a smile, apparently taking my earlier comment as a joke.

“Aw fuck. I just lost the game.” I said loudly, and several members of our group replied with equal volume with various “FUCK”s and “You bastard!”s. The rest of the group looked at me like I was a bit insane. I am.

“You see, when you think about the game, you lose the game. And when you lose, you have to announce that you lost. You can’t win, you can only bring others down with you. Its an old internet thing.” I said, addressing the confused faces.

They continued looking confused so I turned and went back to my bedroll on the floor. I dug through my bag and found my old iPod and wrap-around headphones and put them around my neck. I also found my Mare’s Leg, which was set up near the wall by my bedding and I put it in the leg holster and zipped up my jacket. I slung my bag over my shoulder and headed for the door,

Taylor and Eve (the older woman, I introduced myself before we left for Wal-Mart) stopped me with various protests which I batted down with a lazy wave of my hand.

“What are you doing?!” Eve shouted, “Are you daft? You have a concussion, you shouldn’t be going anywhere yet!”

“Well, here’s a thought, how about ‘fuck your opinion, I’m going to see my friends, make sure they’re alright.'” I started again for the door, and an small hand grabbed my arm.

“No. Absolutely not, I won’t allow it, as your nurse.” Nicole said.

I looked at her strangely, for I never noticed her approaching. I considered the possibility of her being a ninja but then I figured she wasn’t because she wasn’t Asian.

“Well, doc, sorry but I gotta confess I did a lot of drugs in high school and I’m not very healthy to begin with. So I gotta go preserve the health of others with my badassery.” I tried again to grab the handle for the door.

“I said no, now go sit the fuck down or I will tie you to the wall.”

“Well, sorry, but I’m not much into that kinda stuff, but I appreciate the offer.”  Try number five for the door, or was it four?

“We don’t want to lose our leader, stay here.”

“What gave you the impression that I was the leader, and why do you care so much?” I said, a little too hotly than the situation required.

“Well, you are a human being. And you are the leader, right? You seem to be, at least.” she said submissively, like a child who was caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

I immediately cooled my voice and replied,

“I am no leader. I’ve never been good enough for that. Its a group collaboration and that’s the way it’ll stay. Goodbye. If I don’t make it back, tell my mother that I love her. Wait, crap. She hated me when I was alive and she tried to eat me. Fuck it, if I go out, then drink a cold one for me when you guys make it out of this shit.”

I finally made it out the door and into the brisk air outside, and I walked slowly over the bike and straddled it, and put the keys in the ignition. The dented bike roared to life and I sped down the street, out of sight, out of mind.

Fuck you’re stupid. I said to myself.


Z-Day Chapter 15 (Will)

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The van ahead of us slowed to a stop, the tail lights shining into my eyes. I looked to the sky, it looked like it might get dark soon but I could never tell, the sky was always dark and cloudy now.

My eyes snapped back to the van; Austin had stopped the motorcycle next to the driver side window, Jack looked out the window at us then said, “What’s the plan?”

Austin replied, “We, being Will and I, are going to head down the train tracks to the Wal-Mart that should still be there, and you, being pretty much everyone else, are going to find a safe place to park the van until we call you.”

Jack looked down then back up, “How are you going to call me?”

“There are walkies in the gun bag.”

“Alright, and where is a safe place exactly?”

Austin sat thinking for a moment, “Somewhere away from zombies and people, like  the gas station that’s just down the road.”

Jack rolled up the driver side window then drove off down the road.

Austin gave the bike some gas then he drove down the turnpike that leads away from the bridge and down to the railroad tracks. “Where are we going?” I asked, not sure of the route he was taking.
“We can take the train tracks to 1960, there we can try and find a Wal-Mart, or something.”
We continued the ride along the train tracks, I watched the parked trains fly by in a blur of bright color. I thought to myself, What in the hell is in those? Are they all cargo trains or are they for fuel? Does Houston really need trains for that? I don’t even think I’ve ever seen these things moving, or any homeless guys sleeping in them, so what in the hell do we have them for?

My pondering over the usage of trains in Houston was interrupted by a sudden swoosh, then a smacking sound. I looked to my left to see Austin fly off the back of the bike as some man hits him in the head with a bat.

Yeah, I know a big “Oh shit” moment, well, as a great man once said, sometimes things get complicated.

Anyways, the sidecar on the bike kept it stable, so it didn’t dramatically roll into a ditch or anything silly like that, however, it did veer off of our original path (straight down the tracks without bumping into shit) to smash right into one of the cargo trains that may or may not have a purpose.

I was launched forward out of the sidecar and my shoulder smacked right against the side of the train. I was then awkwardly flipped over to where I was laying across the sidecar with my head and neck propped up on the side of the train car. From this position, I could see a man with a baseball bat walking across the tracks, presumably to kill me.

I spotted the muzzle of my shotgun sticking out from the bottom of the sidecar. I grabbed it then swung my legs over and onto the gravel beneath me. The man continued to approach even as I pointed a loaded gun at him.

“Get the fuck back or I will shoot you,” I said to him, trying to be as calm as possible even though my legs felt like god damn rubber, like I could fall at any second. I threatened him more but the guy persisted so I tried one last, desperate shot at reason. “Goddamit, guy, I don’t want to have to waste a human life so just go the fuck away.” The man stopped then twirled his bat around a couple of times.

“Go ahead and do it,” he said, and I’m not sure exactly why I did but I pulled the trigger, and the gun clicked.

“Motherfucker! I forgot to load it!”

I lowered my gun then looked at it, briefly forgetting the man with the bat who had knocked Austin the fuck out. Then, as I heard the sound of running and saw the guy charging at me with his bat raised above his head. I tried to back-pedal away from him but my foot slipped in the god damn gravel and I fell down. As he swung the bat down I put the empty twin-barrel above me as a shield then I heard wood collide with metal.

The guy raised the bat again, then instinctively I whipped the twin-barrel around and hit him in the side of his knee cap. He fell to the ground, screaming in pain. I pulled the twin-barrel to my side then kind of did a back-hand motion and cracked him right in the face with the stock of the shotgun.

I got up off the ground then waited for the guy to come up too. When he did his nose was dripping with blood and he had left his bat on the ground. He began to approach me again, so I swung the stock of the shotgun at him, he caught it in midair then ripped the weapon from my hand and threw it behind him.

He came at me again, so I did the only think I could, I just threw a wayward punch in the general direction of his face. Unfortunately, he caught that in midair too. He kept his grip on my arm, holding it away from him, then gave me a hard punch to the stomach. I felt every wisp of air escape from my lungs as his fist pushed my abdomen inward. I felt like I might swallow myself. Then he hit me right across the face.

I fell down onto the ground again, my face and abdomen pulsing with pain. I was wriggling on my stomach, then he flipped me over on my back and pinned me down. He started hitting me across the face over and over, I felt the pulsing in my face growing as my teeth were being knocked loose. Then I heard a sick, wet crunch as something hard hit him in the back of the head. I watched his face go dormant as he slumped over to the right.

I stood up then saw my savior, a dark-haired youth of about my height holding the bat that the guy had had.

“Thanks, man,” I said, wiping at the cascade of blood that was pouring from my face now.

“No problem, man,” he said then held out his hand, I accidentally shook his hand with the hand that was covered with blood.

“Oh, shit, I’m sorry,” I said, hoping that this stupid mistake wouldn’t make leave or some shit like that.

“No, it’s no problem,” he said, wiping his hand off on his jeans.

“Well, anyways,” I said, hoping that I could very quickly change the subject,”what’s your name?”

“I’m Michael,” he replied.

“I’m Will, we should go wake up my unconscious friend and get the hell out of here before more assholes like that guy, or worse zombies get here.”

Z-Day Chapter 14 (Will)

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I heard the sound of a door sliding and then slamming shut, I grabbed one of the straps of my pack, which was on the floor next to me, and took a step back.

“Was that a van door?” I said, not speaking to anyone in particular.

“I think so,” said Austin with a hand on the holstered Mare’s Leg.

“We should probably get the hell out of here,” said Jack.

I nodded then pulled my pack on, grabbed the twin-barrel and shoved it into my back holster; Austin picked up the duffel and headed towards the fire exit; Jack cocked his SPAS-12 and walked after him; everyone else grabbed their respective gear and guns and headed for the door as well. I pulled the Python from its holster and walked over to the door, still looking behind me. Out the display window I could see leather clad men getting off their motorcycles, and in a few cases, climbing out of a black van.

Austin pushed open the door with his shoulder and we all walked out into the cold air. Austin checked around the corner then looked back at the group of us, who were all in a line along the wall.

“There’s at least thirty guys out there,” he said, “this isn’t gonna be easy.”

I said, “There’s no way we can fight all of them, and I don’t think it’ll be easy for all four of us to hide until they leave.”

“Yeah,” sounds Taylor, “we should try to get to the car then drive outta here.”

“Well,” I said, “we could steal their car, I mean, Austin was saying we needed a new one.”

“That could work, but how are we going to do that?” said Austin.

“We could go up there and take the van while they’re raiding the gunshop. I’m sure they’re in a hurry, so they may just leave the keys in the ignition.”

“But how are the four of us going to sneak up there?” said Jack.

“Very quietly,” Austin said, “now let’s go.”

We stalked over behind our car, all of us staying low to the ground, then looked out. The bikers were headed into the gunshop, all thirty-something of them, except for the driver. Austin said that one person had to sneak up and take out the driver, and he elected me because I “log 21 hours of gameplay in Metal Gear Solid everyday.”

Really wishing that somebody stronger, more dexterous, and overall better at killing than I could take my place, I stalked up to the sliding door on the side, then the driver side door opened and  I quickly darted to the back of the van. I heard the door slam shut and the sound of boots  walking across the broken parking lot. I peered around the corner, the driver stopped at the bushes at the right edge of the parking lot, and a yellow stream darted down between his legs.

“Better time than any,” I said to myself then flicked open my butterfly knife.

I sneaked up behind him then grabbed him around the throat with my left arm. He struggled like mad as my leather-gloved hand collapses over his mouth. I heard his muffled screams as I raised the knife above my hand and shoved it into his throat. He went limp, like a ragdoll, as the last of his life escaped him.

I closed the knife, put it away, then headed back to the car where the others were hiding, careful to avoid the newly formed puddle of red. I walked around the hood where Austin was crouching and motioned for everyone to follow me.

I felt someone tap me on the shoulder, I turned, then Jack asked, “Can I drive?”

I shrugged, “Sure, why not?”

“Cool,” he said then got in on the driver side. 

I opened up the back of the van, there were two girls tied up in the back, with no pants. What do you think they were here for?

I placed a finger in front of my mouth to signal silence, “We’re taking the van,” I whispered, “we aren’t here to hurt you.”

Austin and I cut them free with our knives, “Thanks,” one of them said.

“No problem,” I replied.

I felt another tap on my shoulder, I turned and Austin stood holding a pair of keys, the keyring dangling from his finger, “Keys to one of the motorcycles,” he said, “and there’s a sidecar.”

I smiled then shut the doors to the van, “Oh, that is so fucking cool.”

Jack leaned out of the driver side window then said, “We should go.” As he did, a whole lot of confused bikers stared at us from inside the store.

“They’re taking the van,” one of them screamed, “and they killed Joel!”

This one moves for his gun, Austin was faster. I heard the loud crack of a gunshot to my right, then saw the display glass window of the gun store crack into the shape of a spider’s web. I turn to my left and see Austin already on the bike. I turned as I imagined all ten of those bikers drawing their weapons, and climbed into the sidecar, planting one foot on the front of it then spinning as I fell into the seat.

I pulled my shotgun out of its holster as the big black van in front of us and the motorcycle kicked to life. “Are you good at riding a motorcycle?” I asked Austin.

“No, not really,” he replied then kicked up the kickstand, “we’ll have to wing it.”

“Alright, that’s good with me,” our motorcycle started moving, and moves closer to the van.

“Keep them away from the van!” screamed Austin over the wind that is pounding against both our faces. “That’s where all the supplies are, we have to protect them!”

I nodded in reply then turned around, shotgun in hand, and aimed for the bike that was in front of the large pack of them that were behind us now. There was a guy in the sidecar, he looked like he had a gun in his hand.

Take him out first, the voice in my head tells me.

I centered the sights over his body, then prepared to pull the trigger when the motorcycle jerks hard to the right, the shot went wild and hit the bike’s front tire, the driver jerks the handlebars to the right again and he spins out, the guy in the sidecar jumped out.

“Nice shot,” I heard Austin say from my right, “but don’t get cocky.”

Another of the bikes rode up, I aimed at it with the shotgun then missed. “Oh, fuck this,” I said then threw it down into the foot well, and grabbed the Python from my belt. I fired three quick shots at the driver, he falls back onto the seat. I watched the one in the sidecar grab the handlebars, struggling to get the bike under control as it rolled into the ditch.

I fired two more shots at another, the first missed then the second hit the driver right in the head, then the motorcycle spun out similar to the last.

The last two sped up, getting very close behind us, to the point where I thought I could reach out and touch them. The guy in the side car of the closer motorcycle took a shot at me, it bounced off the back of our sidecar. I gave a violent start, nearly falling backwards in the side car, I threw myself  forward then fired the last shot in the Python; it hit the front light of the closer motorcycle, scaring the shit out of the driver, he jerked the handlebars to the left  then lost control of the bike, it flew back and took out the other one.

“Damn,” said Austin, looking back, “you sure showed them.”

“I’m just glad that’s over,” I said, with a sigh of relief.

Z-Day Chapter 13 (Austin)

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“We really need a new car.” I said to Will, who was driving.

“Yeah, but we’ll take care of that after we hit up the Army Surplus down the street.” he said, without looking back at me in the backseat.

“Alright.” I leaned back in the seat and closed my eyes. I don’t remember falling asleep, but I must have. When I came to, Taylor was shaking me.

“Wake up, man. We’re here.”

I grabbed my axe and got out of the car. The Surplus store was standing by itself in the middle of a small parking lot. The windows and doors were covered by a metal gate, which were locked from the inside. I surveyed the area, looking for a weakness in the wrought iron bars. I noticed something unusual and turned to the other two.

“The bars are locked from the inside. So the owner or whoever locked it had to have gotten out somehow. Just search around and see if there’s a ladder or something to climb up to the roof.” I said.

They nodded and readied their weapons. Taylor had taken the crowbar from the car. A few minutes later, after finishing a downed stray zombie, I heard Will shout,

“I found the ladder, but its up too high to jump on and there’s nothing to climb on to get to it!”

I trotted over to where they were both standing and looked up. A rusted red ladder lay against the building, around four feet above my head.

“We’ll just have to make something to climb up on.”

“What do you suggest?” Taylor asked.

“Will, bring the car around.” I said.

Minutes later, we were standing on the roof of the store, the car parked just under the ladder.

“Well that was easier than I thought it was gonna be.” Taylor said.

“Yeah. That’s what happens when you use your head.” I said teasingly.

I strode across the graveled ceiling to the middle and poked the metal grate with my foot.

“What do you think guys? An air vent?” I asked them without looking away from it.

“Yeah.” One of them said.

The grate was double padlocked and was wrapped in chains to prevent people from breaking in. The padlocks I broke with the spiked end of my axe and the chains with the wedge side. Once finished, I pulled on the edge of the grate. It didn’t budge. I removed my  gloves and tried again. Still nothing. I put black cloth back on my hands.

“Hey Taylor, try and pry this open with your crowbar.” I said, stepping back.

He stood up off the ground and walked over.

“What?” he asked.

“Could you pull this open for me? It’s all rusted over and I can’t get it open.”

“Sure.” he said and wedged the bar in bewteen the metal grate and the two foot high concrete pedestal it stood on and pushed down on the bar. The iron creaked and popped open. I took ahold of the grate and pulled it completely away from the concrete slab and set it down next to it. I looked down into the cobwebbed hole.

“Just our luck.” I said to the two.

“What do you mean?” Will asked.

“There’s an exit vent right below the entrance one. A flaw in design, perhaps? Either way, it helps us. Help me look for something we can use as a rope to slide down with.”

“There might be some rope or cable in the car. I’ll be right back.” Will said, disappearing down the edge of the building, down the ladder.

A few seconds later, Will’s head reappeared and he had a tangled mess of orange cable wrapped around his torso.

“An extension cable? That’s not gonna be enough to support our weights.” I said.

“Not unless we wrap three around each other.” Will replied.

“Good idea. Hurry up and wrap them together and tie them to the sattelite near the hole,” I said, walking over to it and pulling on the pole, testing to see if it’ll hold my weight.

Five minutes later, I was sitting on the edge of the hole, sitting next to me was a mass of thick extension cable. I kicked the second grate and watched it clatter to the ground below me.

“It’s about a 13 foot drop. Not too bad.” I said, throwing the cable down into the hole and grabbing ahold of it.

I hesitated for moment, for heights make me uneasy, before shifting my weight off the concrete and tightly gripped the wire, while shimmying slowly down it. It didn’t take me long to reach the bottom and once I did, I looked around.

Before I could finish my examination, I felt something metal poking me in between my shoulder blades.

“What are you doing here?” said a young adult male voice, “Don’t move, and tell your friends to not follow you, either or my little friend here is going to make cubed meat out of your torso.”

“Guys, don’t come down yet.” I said. “and you need to calm down, we’re only here for some supplies. I have money, if that’s what you want. I have an hatchet in my belt, but otherwise, I’m not armed.”

 The pressure on my back released and a tall, red mohawked man stepped into my view. He was holding a SPAS 12 semi-automatic shotgun. He lowered it and said,

“Alright. Show me the money, and you and your friends can take some stuff I don’t need.”

I looked up at the hole in the ceiling and said loudly, “Hey guys, can you grab my bag? Also can you throw down your wallets? After that, you can come on down.”

“Why? What’s going on?” Will asked.

“Just do it, please.”

I waited a few minutes until two leather wallets fell through the hole and landed on the ground next to me.

“I’m about to drop your bag,” Will said, and I stepped under the hole and caught it.

I took all the cash out of my bag, mine, Taylor’s and Will’s wallets and counted it.

“300 dollars. I know it’s not much, but it’s the god damn apocolypse man, show some generosity.” I said to the man.

“Alright. Get them down here.” he replied.

“Come on down.” I shouted up to the roof, moving out from under the hole.

“What do you need? By the way, my name’s Jack. I worked here before this shit happened.” said Jack.

“I need guns, ammo, food, tents, flashlights, rope, two duffel bags, socks, medicine, coffee, gas, canteens, iodine pills, binoculars, bug spray, fire extinguisher, batteries, mess kits, can opener, duct tape, walkie talkies, sleeping bags, flint and steel, soap, and a toolbox. ” I said, and as I listed them off, Jack gathered everything into two big olive green duffel bags.

“What kind of guns are you looking for?” Jack asked us.

“Something with a decent scope, semi-auto, and takes at least a 10 round clip.” Taylor said.

“How about a Vespr-Pioneer? 15 round clip, in .223 Remington. Reversible sight from 100 to 300 meters. Comes with a strap.” Jack said, pulling the rifle off of a rack behind the front counter.

“Yeah, that’s a nice gun. Thank you.” Taylor said gratefully.

“What about you?” Jack said, pointing at Will.

“I’ve got a double barrel in the car. I’ll just take some shells for that and a Python revolver.”

Jack pulled another gun from the wall, this one a black and brown revolver, and handed it to Will, along with six speed-loaders.

“And you?” Jack pointed at me.

“I have a lever action Winchester 1892 rifle in the car, but I’d like a smaller gun, if possible.”

“We could cut it down to a smaller size if you’d like, it’s called a Mare’s Leg.” Jack said.

“Sure, let’s do that. I’ll run out and get it. Do you mind if I use the front door?”

A few minutes later, I was back in the store with the rifle and Will’s double barrel. I handed the rifle to Jack and he walked into the back room, and said, “Just take whatever you like, I’m leaving soon and these aren’t going to be of any use to me.”

I looked around for a while, and got two M1911 pistols from the wall and put it in the bag, along with a Mossberg 500. a Winchester 1887 lever action shotgun and an Armsel Striker semi-automatic shotgun complete with strap and put them all in the duffel bag.

After zipping up the bag and putting it by the back door, I sat down near against a wall and waited for Jack to finish my gun. Taylor called me over and I went to stand up, but my head banged against something metallic above me. Blinking the stars out of my eyes, I looked up at what I hit my head on. It was a revolver in a glass case, resting on a metal platform attached to the wall I was leaning against.

The revolver had an abnormally thick barrel and a cherry wood grip. There was an engraving on the side of the barrel, the words “Carpe Deim” and image of four playing cards, which was a royal flush in the suit of hearts. Jack walked into the room with a gun inside of a leg holster and asked me,

“You like it?”

“Yeah, its a nice gun.” I said.

“It’s a Dan Wesson PPC .357. I made it custom for someone a few weeks ago, but I don’t think he’s gonna show up.”

“May I take it?” I asked.


I smashed in the glass with my elbow and took the gun off the rack.

“I had a key,” Jack said, laughing.

“Eh. That was more satifying. I feel like I earned it now. Will, get me six more speedloaders and some more ammo.”

Before he was finished retrieving the supplies, we heard a van door slam.

Z-Day Chapter 12 (Austin)

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“Scatter! Everybody run! We’ll meet at the front gate!” I heard the shout and the alarm.

“Was that Will?” Taylor asked.

“I think so. You’re the fastest runner out of all of us, so you have the best chance. Don’t look for a weapon, don’t stop running, for ANY reason, unless you have a secure hiding spot. Go! Run!” I shoved him off in the opposite direction I’m about to take, and just as I do so, three runners come around the corner and Taylor bowled straight through them and they wildy chased after him.

I jogged to the right, not quite hitting my full speed, but running fast enough that I could escape any normal zombies. I turned around a corner, not quite expecting anything, but there they were. Seven of them. They turned toward me and growled.

“Looks like I’m not going that way!” I said to them, and sprinted down the opposite direction, heading toward the long lane that leads toward the exit gate in the front of the apartments.

Wait, did that last one just growl? I didn’t know they could make any sound except moans. Maybe the virus has a little more control over their bodies than I previously thought. I thought to myself as I ran.

I glanced behind me for a moment and noticed that my pursuers were no longer persuing me. I slowed my pace back to a jog and pulled the hatchet from my belt. Soon after, I heard incoherent yelling to my left, followed by a man running from my recent pursuers. He held a gun in his hand, and he turned around, running backwards, and fired. One fell to the floor and after a second or two, stood right back up. The man, still running backwards, tripped over the speedbump and onto his back. He raised the gun and pulled the trigger. An audible click could be heard over the low growling and the man began to whimper.

I ran over to a fence leading into the porch of one of the apartments and I grabbed the top and hoisted myself onto the precarious top. From there, I jumped over a gap and landed on the roof of the apartment, on my hands and knees. I looked over and the poor fellow and watched him struggling madly with the seven flesh eaters. I tried to ignore the screams, but it was impossible. Soon, he fell quiet and I waited on the roof, waiting for the group to forget about their meal and walk away. But I knew that wouldn’t happen.

“HEY! Over here! You sick fucks, come get me! Austin’s nice this time of year!” I yelled at them from my perch on the roof.

Three of them snapped their heads toward me and began to run to the fence, growling and screaming all the while.

Hmm. Only three heard me. I wonder if there’s a reason for that. Maybe they’re just ignoring me. There’s no way to know.

The zombies arrived at the fence now, and one was at the other side of the house. The two at the fence clawed at the fence and growled angrily, but neither of those held my attention. I watched in horror as the last one climbed up on another fence and made his way onto the roof. I swung the spike end of my axe into his brain before he could stand up after the jump.

Making a mental note to mention this to Will and Taylor, I sat down and waited.

A few minutes later, the zombies at the fence forgot about me and ran off. I looked back over to the man with the gun and noticed two of the zombies chowing down on him had left as well, so I jumped back on the fence, then back to the ground.

Noiselessly, I made my way toward the feasting monsters. It didn’t take long to reach them and the I felled the first one easily. But before I could finish the second, he tackled me and we both fell to the ground, the monster on top of me. I could smell the rotton flesh and I the monster opened his mouth and tried to clamp down on my neck, but I forced the axe head into his open mouth and tried to rip it out, but the monster had a good grip on the head. I saw blood welling out of the breaking teeth and I winced.

I struggled for a moment before I was able to plant my foot on the monsters torso and, using my leg and arms, pushed him off me. I got to my feet quickly and buried my axe’s head into the zombie’s. I tiredly staggered over to the poor fellow by the speedbump and picked up his gun.

“You forgot to chamber the next round, friend.” I said and  pulled the lever behind the trigger, readying the next bullet.

I forcefully ignored my exhaustion and jogged back toward my friends, the car, and safety. Five minutes later, I arrived at the exit gate, and walked along it, between the rusted metal and more apartments. As I got nearer to the entrance gate, I heard the quiet hum of a hybrid engine.

I hurried my pace and jumped over the gate and saw it. The blue Volkswagon. A hand snaked its way out of the broken driver’s side window and motioned for me to get inside. I ran over and wrenched open the dented door and climbed in the backseat and smiled at my friends.

Z-Day Chapter 11 (Will)

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“Give me the shotgun,” I said to Austin.

“Why?” he said.

“Because, I’m gonna go outside and smoke, and I need some protection.”

“I thought you quit?”

“I did, but all this stress is getting to me. I mean, it’s the apocalypse. Lung cancer is the last thing I have to worry about.”  I said

“You are a better man than I, I haven’t even tried quitting since I started last year,” he muttered.

“Just give me the shotgun.”

Austin handed me the Coach double barrel, laughs, then said, “Heh, get the Magnum.”

I looked down at the twin-barrel, then back up at him, “What?”

He laughed again, “You know, MAGNUM.”

“Oh, oh that’s fuckin’ sick. You are a horrible person.” I thought back to the racks at the convenience store, and the condoms.

I walked out the door and into the parking lot. There was a red car there. Maybe it’s Taylor’s, maybe it isn’t, but then again, it doesn’t matter.

I pulled the crumpled pack of cigarettes from my pocket and lighted one. I stood smoking for a few minutes. I looked up to the sky, it was gray and clouds the size of Wyoming and Japan were rolling in. That sky was desolate, empty, and God was not there.

I blew out a smoke ring then watched it float up and blend in to the gray clouds as it dissipated. I thought back to Gandalf and Bilbo blowing smoke rings in the Hobbit, and the way Gandalf’s smoke rings changed colors and flew around, hovering over his head.

Then I turned to see him, the man who fucked us over.  

There were no words, and no sounds, as far as I remember. He grabbed the twin-barrel, which was still under my arm ,and pulled the barrels away from him. Then he looked up at me, that look of fear in his eyes, and for that moment we were one. He grabs my V-neck  shirt, and we silently wrestle for a bit, and eventually we both fall to the floor, I lept up and was about to scream for Austin, and Taylor, but my assailant, sensing what I was about to do, grabbed my shirt again and held my mouth shut and I reached for my wrench at my belt, but he grabbed my arm too, and shoved us into the red car that might be Taylor’s and the alarm began to wail and chirp in my ears.

My worn out gray Converse struggle for traction as I bounced off the car and hit the concrete of the parking the lot; the twin-barrel clattered to the ground. Somewhere. I’m gone right now, the only thought in my head is that all those idle zombies all over the apartment complex are running over here now. I glanced around, looking for revenge, and the man is nowhere to be seen, dissipated like the smoke from my cigarette. 

“Scatter!” I screamed, “Everybody, run, we’ll meet at the front gate!”

I got up and ran away toward the front gate. A pack of zombies was behind me now, gaining ground. I turned around and fired the last round into the pack, two of the zombies went sprawling, the other three continued to stumble after me. I thought about tossing the twin-barrel, because it was so cumbersome right now, and didn’t have any ammo, but decided against it because it was the only gun we had.

Up ahead there was a turn, then another, and on the second turn, I nearly tripped, I regained my balance and kept running down that last straightaway to the front gate. Behind me one of the zombies was reaching for my hood which was flailing out behind me. I stopped abruptly and the ghoul ran into my back and stumbled back, I whipped around and smashed its face in with the wood stock; he staggered back into his cohorts.

I ran, ran until my legs burned and my veins pumped battery acid. And then I ran some more.

I arrived at the front gate, which was now slightly ajar, and squeezed through the small gap; the zombies behind me smash into the gate, struggling to get through.

I slid across the hood of the car and jumped into the front seat. As I closed the door, I see Taylor jump the fence.

“Get your black ass in here!” I screamed and he got to the car and jumped into the passenger seat.

As I put it in gear, I felt a sharp pain in my bicep, expecting another of the undead beasts, I turned to see Taylor, “Blue one,” he muttered as he put on his seatbelt.

“Five minutes.” I said to him.

“Huh?” he said, with a quizzical look on his face.

“Five minutes. Then we’re leaving him.”

“Ten. At least.”

“Alright. Ten. Then we have to go.”

“Hope that fucker’s alright,” he said then looked out the window.

Z-Day Chapter 10 (Austin)

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I rang the doorbell again and stood back, waiting. After five minutes, I asked Will to hand me the keys, and unlocked the door.

I stepped in first to Taylor’s unlit living room, the only light coming into the room was through the glass back door, and even that was muffled with blinds. Will followed me inside and whispered, “It looks deserted, do you even think he’s here?”

“Shut up.” I looked at Will, with reproach in my eyes. He forgot the first rule of Zombie Club, you do not talk during Zombie Club. I pulled the hatchet from my belt and took a right down a hallway, passed a door that I already knew was a closet. There was a door ahead of me and one to my left. I glanced down at the cracks of both doors and saw no illumination pouring through. My breath quickened as I stepped closer to the door on the left.

I exhaled sharply and gripped the faded bronze-painted doorknob. I felt Will’s similar silent sigh on the back of my hair.

“Will, step back a minute. If he is… you know… We’re gonna have go get out of this narrow hallway to kill him. I hate to say that, but… We have to face reality sometimes.” I said under my breath.

As the last syllable rolled off my tongue, the knob in my fist wrenched from my grip and I glanced up at all 6 foot 4, 140 pounds of lean muscle of my oldest and well-known friend.

Wild eyes, slow movements and shirtless, I gathered that Taylor had just woken up.

“Hey guys, I was wondering when you’d get here.” Taylor yawned. “Let me get my bag. I’ve been set to go for two days.”

I lightly laughed and Will and I stashed our weapons in our belts and I stepped into the living room while Will went to the bathroom. After a couple of seconds, I heard a light buzzing sound from under the bathroom door. I knocked on the door and Will opened it, buzzing clippers in hand.

“That looks ridiculous.” I said to him, slapping him upside the peach fuzz. “Space monkey.” I teased.

“Yeah, but it’s better than getting your hair pulled by a zombie and getting your face eaten.” Will said, putting a beanie over his newly exposed head.

“I can’t give up my hair, I’ve had it for too long, to lose my hair is to lose part of my identity, and without an identity, you’d be better off dead.” I said. “So I’m taking my chances.”

After a couple of minutes, Taylor was fully dressed and had a black mesh backpack slung over his shoulder, and jacket in hand.

“Ready?” he asked us.

In reply, I picked up my own bag off the floor and strode over to the door, unlocked it, and wrenched it free of its rusty hinges.

“Good idea, with the ice.” I said, “How exactly did you do it?”

“Just cold water spread around the porch. It’s nearly 30 degrees outside. Cold enough for water to freeze. I’m guessing you got the key from the front office?”

“Yeah,” Will said, “We couldn’t remember your apartment number, but we managed. We have a car at the front gate, but we couldn’t get it through the gate.”

“Nice. Can I drive?” Taylor asked.

“Sure, I’m pretty sick of it.” I said.